New arrivals from the FedEx dude

  1. The nice FedEx man brought these to me today. I :heart: :heart: :heart: them! I love the skull and the black together, especially with Halloween on the way. :yes:

    The tote has black interior (which enables me to use many different print accessories) and the cosmetic, mini, and wristlet have Legacy stripe lining. Nickel hardware on everything.
  2. ^^^Those are some yummy new arrivals!!!!! Look at you--everything to match too!!!!! Congrats, everything is gorgeous!!!
  3. The accessories will be accompanying my Cole Haan gunmetal satchel as well, so it's a win-win. :yes:
  4. Wow, Love all your choices. That skull is real cool :tup:
    ...gotta love the fed ex guy
  5. Love It!
  6. Cute stuff! YAY for our FedEx Delivery People!

    BTW: Is your FedEx guy sexy like mine? :graucho: He has this crazy accent and says "G'Day Mate" it!
  7. ^^^Not this FedEx guy, unfortunately. I have a surfer dude UPS guy occasionally (no kiddin', he wears a Puka shell necklace...).
  8. Oooh, is that the gunmetal? I LOVE that sparkly stripe!! What a great set! And I want one of those skulls soooo bad.......he is too cute!
  9. Yes, it's the gunmetal. It's sparkly, but not gaudy; more gray sparkly than silver sparkly. IMHO anyway.
  10. I can't WAIT to get my black/gunmetal stripe accordian wallet from the fed-ex guy! I usually don't use black bags until later in the fall...but I wanna whip my new tote out now!

    that looks FAB with the Skull charm by the way!
  11. Great items and congratulations! That bag is beautiful in person.
  12. He was a nice Fedex dude! Enjoy your bags. I'm liking that gunmetal more by the day...
  13. cute bage and accessories!! ENJOY!!
  14. Very nice :tup::yes:
  15. Great taste!! LOVE that tote and all your accessories. Rock it, girl!