New Arrivals from NM....

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  1. i cant view the link
  2. tnx for the link! i wanted to order those gucci python pumps but found out they dont ship pyton items to california, im sooo disapoointed!!!
  3. for reals.. oohh.. sorry to hear that.. i would love to have python shoes too.. and i'm from cali also.. geez, guess we can't get it.:nogood:
  4. --Unless you have some family or trusted friends in another state you can have it sent to... and they can send it on to you!
  5. Thanks for the link!! I used it Saturday and couldn't resist the Chloe Paddington Satchel in tan. And it looks like it is still available today (Monday) so I may have a good chance of getting it (versus getting the order cancelled)!! It looks like they consider tan a summer color vs the whiskey and chocolate they still show at full price but I plan to wear it year round!
  6. arrgghh!! ordered the tan pocket paddy too (yesterday) and it seems that they have cancelled my order!am online with NM now..oh no....:mad:
  7. I just tried the link and a page pops up saying "the website declines to show this page" (or something like that) is something going on:confused1:
  8. Did you see the Chloe Padlock Paddington! I think I am going to have to order that for myself.