New Arrivals at NM in SF

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  1. The belt and hat:


    Patent leather handbag:


    Metallic reissues in gold, silver, and dark silver:


    Pictures from iluvchanel's 2006 Christmas Accessories thread
  2. do you know how much that black purse is? Is it patent leather?
  3. the belt and the hat i gotta have !!
    do you know the cost
  4. i LOVE that necklace in the 2nd pic!!
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. I love that patent leather handbag!! Do you know the price?
  7. Patent leather bag: $1495
    Belt: $525
    Hat: $825
  8. i want the grey patent bagggg
  9. What about the reissue price in those colours! By the way, as always it is very nice of you to let us know:yes:
  10. I'm sorry I don't know b/c we sold out of the reissues already. We only had them in gold, silver, and dark silver.
  11. I like that necklace in the pic with the reissue..any info on that and did NM SF get it in?

  12. I think the little chain thing is part of the belt and not a separate necklace.

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