New Arrivals at Bluefly..Chloe and B'bags 90%off

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  1. i have codes in my blog. enjoy!
  2. hi, i tried the ones posted on your web site as well last saturday and they were all redeemed.
  3. even the 10% ones? try some of these.

  4. I tried the ones that were available last saturday and they did not work. I don't know if they are the same ones. Thanks for the reminder though.
  5. i update the codes daily, so you should try one of these. some should work. if you come across ones that don't work, please feel free to post a message on the blog. that helps me to keep it updated. good luck.
  6. try this for 15% CWIB15 :idea:
  7. awwww that sucks! Pls let me know when you're going to return it to bluefly if you do :biggrin: I'm wondering if I can call them and ask to purchase it when it arrives back at the warehouse :lol:
  8. Sure. I'll let you know. Most likely, it will be sold to a PF member. I've gotten a few inquiries about it. I'm out of town this week so will settle this next week.
  9. For the Chloe neophytes among us, I found this blurb from Vlad re. the red paddy bag. He posted some really nice pics of it as part of the thread.

    Our new Chloe Paddington

    Posted by Vlad on 08/12/2005. Filed under: Handbags, Chloe Handbags
    After a 13 hour drive, we finally got the wine red Chloe Paddington. Net-A-Porter (Chloe’s official online vendor) confirmed that they wouldn’t get any more of the red paddies in stock this year, so calling up all the European boutiques, we finally found available paddies in the Chloe store in Munich’s Maximilianstrasse #22. They only had one more blue, one light/bright red and one dark red available as of yesterday evening. We compared the three shades and ended up walking home with the wine red — 995 Euros poorer. The bright red was just too bright, the darker one just seemed more classy and more versatile overall than the blue. According to the sales lady, many people who had their paddies reserved went on vacation and didn’t pick them up on time. I guess it pays off inquring frequently with the boutiques, as they have a certain holdtime on the bags, and occasionally seem to release a few for public sale.

  10. I used this coupon tonight and I saved $179.40. Thank you.
  11. you're welcome.
  12. Wow--I go on vacation and come back to all this excitement!
  13. It's gone already!:sad2: :oh:
  14. it may pop up again. i saw it a couple days ago and then it was gone so i didn't post but now it is back so maybe it will come back again.