New Arrivals at Bluefly..Chloe and B'bags 90%off

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  1. Did any of you get this beauty? I don't see it on bluefly anymore.
  2. I feel very left out... I blame it on my vacation and all the sun I am getting... UGH!
  3. did anyone want that Balenciaga?

    I have it in my cart right now, I was going to get it and use my little coupon for 10% off on it, but I'm just not enough in love with it to drop a little over $500 on it right now!

    I'll wait a few minutes before removing it, if anyone's up right now and interested, lol.
  4. update. :smile:

    I just put the little guy back!
  5. I can't seem to get any images on Bluefly :sad: It is isn't it? I just get a whole heap of text links! *baps her silly computer*

  6. hehe I'm sure it'll find a good home :biggrin: I just saw it there.
  7. It didn't go through because you have to order it straight from their website. Not from another link.

    I guess the 8% cash back from Lucky Magazine is "useless" :sad:
  8. ^^^not true, I placed an order today and yesterday with the lucky link and both orders went through :biggrin: The lucky link puts you right on bluefly, I guess it just logs in that you visited and purchased or something, not sure.
  9. OMGGG..that is tooooooooo CUTE!!
  10. Hi everyone, would anyone be interested in the Grenat Chloe Paddington that I bought on Bluefly this past weekend? I will be getting it tomrrow and don't know if it will be too big for me. I also got a couple of other bags so may have to let this one go.
  11. ^^^how much are you letting it go for, post pics when you get it! :biggrin:
  12. I got one!! It's my first Balenciaga! I am so excited!!:love:
  13. Hi, I got it today! The dark red color is really gorgeous! And I don't know how they do the leather. Now I understand the paddington mania! Well, I bought it for $1300 and will sell it at that price since I can return to bluefly for the same amount. I don't have a digital camera so will have to borrow one to get pics. In the meantime, there's a good picture in the Documenting Chloe Colors thread, if you search for grenat. Thanks!
  14. ^^^oo so you didn't use the coupon codes?
  15. I didn't have any except for the free shipping. I tried using the 10% coupon codes which were posted on the Forum but they were already redeemed and couldn't be reused.