New Arrivals at Bluefly..Chloe and B'bags 90%off

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  1. Can you add any of those to your bag? I've been trying and cant :lol: btw, I think there is something wrong, the prices on the site are off!
  2. I've been trying and each time I keep getting an error message. The email was sent to me at 2:53 a.m. PST. How weird???:weird:
  3. Oh wow, I just checked out this link and it's GREAT, beautiful bags on Bluefly right now, go look, go look! :smile: Thanks, MellyJr!
  4. there's a couple bbags still available and there is the chloe paddy in olive shoulder bag.
  5. Has anyone been successful in checking out yet? I put an order through for the red paddington but couldnt get a receipt...shows funds are gone, but no effin receipt! I also ordered the black spy, but no receipt either, damn it! What a night for their system to be messed up :lol:
  6. you're the one who took the chloe and the spy. i was wondering who that could be. i checked out okay. check your email. maybe the receipt will be there.
  7. ^^^for some reason it takes them FOREVERRRR to send me receipts, and my orders dont show up in history. I dont know wtf is going on! lol. I hope I was the one who took the red paddy and the spy...I've been trying to get this order through for a while. The items seemed to have been taken off the site too. Darn bluefly response time :lol:
  8. i'm confused. did you get the bags or not? someone got the chloe orange equestrian one...hmmm... i was aiming for that one. do they normally put out stuff around 2-3 AM daily?
  9. ^^^thats what I want to know! I paid for them but got no receipt and funds are missing from my account. I am dying to know if the order went through. I even called amex to confirm that the funds were missing and they said that most likely the company processed at least one of the transactions. Its pain waiting :lol:
  10. i'm sure it went through. check your email. don't worry about. be happy that you snatched those two bags away from me. ;)

    did you use the coupons?
  11. I think the whole site is down, I can't get on at all :sad:
  12. something was telling me to get up early this morning! but no, i missed the red paddy i had been waiting for :sad:. maybe there will be more, i first saw it like two weeks ago. i hope everything went through, noriko!
  13. theres now only a bronze b-bag and a chloe hobo. No great deals :sad:
  14. I've been shopping them since "Day One" and don't see any real deals on Bluefly, what with their artificially inflating the retail prices. It's more like occasionally getting lucky and finding a past season bag
    and paying close to real retail. Some of those bags have been on there forever.

    The dishonest pricing bothers me. It hasn't stopped me from looking and occasionally purchasing. But many things I buy go back. At some point if you return too much they will no longer allow you to buy. I haven't been banned...yet. Quite a policy for an online retailer.