new arrivals 9/27

  1. IF you are interested email Damian....He is really really nice!!!!!!
    redhiddenchainflap.jpg blackladybraidtote.jpg blackhiddenchainhobo.jpg silversequins-1.JPG
  2. Nice, finally I got to see the hidden chain red flap!
    I like the lady braid tote. Does it come in other colors?
  3. Is this the same Damian at the Bala Cynwyd Saks?
  4. That Lady Braid tote is really nice!
  5. Thanks for posting!:smile:

  6. Saks has the lady braid tote in red as well. :smile:
  7. thanks for sharing.
  8. Don't like the hidden chain, but the lady braid tote is TDF!!!
  9. Yes :yes: ....he's DJO here on the forum. One of the best SA's I've ever encountered!
  10. I do like that ladybraid it at a NM anywhere because I know they ship to Canada, Saks doesnt.:nogood: I have to have it...
  11. more
    chanelquiltedboot.jpg colorsring.jpg blackgrey.jpg
  12. thanks for the post! love the booties
  13. Thanks for sharing, ya1004!
  14. I just ordered those booties from Saks on Saturday. I needed a 1/2 size larger then what they had in stock, but they are very comfortable. even DH liked them. He thought the "quilting looked very Chanel". I just love that he can point that out.
  15. those boots are TDF!!! love love :heart: