New Arrival - Sorbet: To Keep, Or Not To Keep?

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Keep or Return?

  1. Keep Her!

  2. Return...

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. New Balenciaga Sorbet City came today - I am torn, should I keep her or no?
    Does she darken with moisturizer?

  2. She won't darken too much with moisturizer. If you don't like her the way she is now, then return.
  3. :drool: I think she is beautifulllllllllllllllllllll........ I would keep her and never let her go!!!!!!!!
  4. Beautiful! Keep her.
  5. Very beautiful. It looks very nice on you.
  6. I love it!! Keep it!
  7. I would keep her! The color is amazing...I've been trying to find one myself. :smile: A perfect punch of color for spring!
  8. She's beautiful...........keep her!
  9. Gorgeous bag! KEEP!!! :yes: The color looks perfect!
  10. KEEP IT she is gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  11. :nuts:OMG! She's Gorgeous, why would you not keep her? You must be crazy, Sorbet SGH...City? AWESOME!!!! Combo!!!!! K_E_E_P!
  12. Why are you having 2nd thoughts? If you don't love it then I'd say return it.
  13. I would keep her ... She's gorgeous! But, if you aren't sure then maybe that's your answer. Really beautiful bag though! :smile:
  14. oh my god.!!! .........You make me feel like I should go out & buy one for myself. I LOVE IT! keep it! Why do you want to sell it anyways?
  15. KEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!! :nuts: