New Arrival: Satin Flap Bag with "croco-like" embroidery

  1. What do you think? Retail around US$3000 for size 225
  2. I really like that colour
  3. Beautiful style but I think I would like it in a different color.
  4. They come in orange, purple and deep pink (according to my memory) . I saw them in the catalogue .
  5. The color is fun, but I just can't seem to get on-board with a bag that's not leather or an exotic skin. I'm weird like that.
  6. It's cute, but I can't justify spending $3000 on a bag that isn't leather.
  7. It's very beautiful...if $ is not an issue, why not....congrats!
  8. It's a beautiful color! :tup: I wish all of the coco croco bags came in caviar... then I'd be all over them haha! :nuts:
  9. beautiful, but the price.... is that post-price increase?

    love the color though, its so sharp, thanks for sharing
  10. love the color, but feel that it's a bit pricey
  11. i love the color.
  12. Umm... its nice, but not my first choice.
  13. :nuts:hahahahaha.....what was that price again?! No way for fabric! Cute color, but no way.:nogood:
  14. I really like the color and the texture, but I don't care for satin.
  15. i love this bag and i really like the color but 3k for a satin bag is.. :O