New arrival...guessing game time!

  1. :yahoo:Another baby has arrived!!!

    I received this bag yesterday that I bought from a fellow tPF'er, she's from Europe and the shipping was very quick! Best of all, I was charged no customs, duties, GST, or handling fees from Canada Post!

    Today I got a delivery pickup notice for another package as well and I know that it's another LV there will be another guessing session after I pick it up.
    I have two pics below, one should be a giveaway to which type of bag it is...can you guess which bag I received yesterday??
    newbag1.jpg newbag2.jpg
  2. Damier Triana?
  3. Awww karman congrats first;) it a Brera or Triana:graucho:
  4. John and Lee, try to make out the shape of the bag ;)
    And the size too...although it's kind of hard to tell in pictures.
  5. damier speedy?
  6. Im a horrible guesser ! lol
    hmm please show us :smile:
  7. :confused1: Ribera?
  8. Saleya? :biggrin:
  9. Duomo? :shrugs:
  10. Hint two: You should all know I loveeeee smaller bags, :graucho: :graucho:
    Hint three: It's not very common...on eBay, at least.

  11. ^^I was thinking Duomo too
  12. Next guess: Knightsbridge? :shrugs:
  13. :hysteric: I give up....will be back later to check it out:noworry: lol. Post lots of pics OK?:flowers: (including modelling):graucho:
  14. Ok ok, I hope this gives it away!!
  15. Belem?