New Arrival - Gerard Darel!

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  1. My GD from BG finally arrived! I was starting to think it was coming by horse and buggy! Anyways, I've posted some pics so if you've been considering giving BG a call you'll know what you're likely to get--I think they carry the bag in chocolate brown and black leather, in addition to the knit style and the suede one with studs and crystals.

    My only disappointment was that it has the "new" buckle hardware--it blends into the bag ok, but I prefer the old style without that detail. I'll post a pic of the old style that I found on tFS of what I think it the same as mine. It's a nice size and fits easily on my shoulder--I think someone was wondering about that.... (Sorry about the last pic--the lighting isn't great in my room at night)

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  2. The "old"/"original" GD without the hardware--ok, I'm a nut or DEFINITELY need new glasses--this purse has the hardware too! Maybe it's just more obvious on mine.... Sorry!

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  3. THAT is one GORGEOUS BAG!:nuts:
  4. What a classic...CONGRATULATIONS!:love: :nuts:
  5. The leather looks yummy :love:
  6. Congrats wicked! I love that bag and always wanted one but didn't really know where to get it. I think last time I tried to find a bag I called one store in LA but they never return my call so I gave up. Where did you get yours and what other color they have? and the price if you don't mind. I know it's very affordable and the leather looks so yummy too.
  7. Congrats, Wickedassin. I have been waiting for you to post these pics! I love the color. I gave BG a call early this week and all they had left for Gerard Darel were black and cream in the knit. I also emailed the US supplier and asked what other stores are carring or might soon be carrying GD and have not yet received a reply.
  8. Great bag! I bet you will receive a lot of compliments. Best of all it's a bag you won't see on everyone else's arm. Congrats!
  9. Beautiful bag...what size is it, and if you don't mind me asking, how much did this one cost?

  10. I got it from Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. The SA who helped me was Illona Baldeo--she was really nice. I had called the store 3x's to find a SA who'd help me. The number on her card is 212.872.8801 or 212.872.2604. BUT when I ordered the bag, she told me that her direct line was 212.872.2519.

    The bag was $395--no tax b/c BG doesn't have a store in California. FedEx Ground shipping was $12.75. This worked out to be about $50 more than a boutique that people have mentioned that's in LA--probably the one you called that never called back. But that lady didn't know how many bag she'd get or when. So I figured the extra $50 was worth getting it now and I've been told that the store doesn't do returns. Whereas my local NM said they'd take back BG returns since they're owned by the same corporation, figured that was worth the extra $.

    BG told me that they had black, chocolate brown, and the knit style in stock.

    On tFS, a day or two ago someone posted that this boutique in PA, called Nada & Co. 570.587.5451 had GD in black and chocolate brown in stock. I looked them up in the yellow pages--they're in Clarks Summit, PA, I think that's near Scranton... So they do exist--you could give them a try too. The person who listed them said they had "great service."

    Sorry about the long post--but I figured you'd want as much info as possible :P
  11. The widest point is about 16 inches. It's about 15 inches tall, including the handle pulled up as though it was on your shoulder, whereas the bag portion is about 10 inches tall. I guess that makes it a shoulder drop of only 5 inches. But it fits very comfortably under my arm and I'm not a skinny chick. And it's about 6 inches in width. It closes with one of those magnetic snaps. But it seems to hold the bag together well.

    There's some "ruching" at the bottom corners of the bag that I think contribute to it's unique shape. The drawstrings at the top look like they can be untied and loosened or tightened. But I'm not going to mess with them since some people have said that they have a problem with their strings getting untied... There's an inner zipper pocket in the purse. No cell phone pocket though. There's about a good 3 inches of leather on the inside of the purse from the top and then it's lined in brown fabric. Oh and those buckles on the strap are NOT adjustable.

    Feel free to ask any other questions or for clarification!
  12. Horse and buggy... it finally reached you!!! :lol: Congrats on your new bag!
  13. Nice bag! I love that color of brown, it has great depth and texture to it! Absolutely rich! Congrats!!!
  14. Thanks wicked! I know I can always count on you! Thank you dear.:love:
  15. lol, you're welcome. I figure the more info the better--you can just skip the unnecessary verbage!