New arrival!!!!! Bubblegum City PICS

  1. A long wait but I finally have the BG City. :love: It arrived yesterday and I managed to get a few pics while the sun was out. Today is cloudy so more pics later.

    In sun:



    with flash:

    Leather closeup:

  2. Yummy, gummy! Congrats!
  3. Ohhh it's beautiful!! Gorgeous bag to add to your incredible collection :smile:

  4. it is TDF!!! CONGRATS!!
  5. lovely! and yummy! :love: congrats on an incredibly delicious addition
  6. Congrats! it is breathtaking!
  7. Love it! Congratulations.
  8. OHhhhh, beautiful! Is it brand new? :love:

    Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  9. Oh wow... bubblegum!! :drool:
  10. Oh wow, PP.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I don't think you could have gotten one in any better condition, it does look absolutely brand spankin new. The closeup of the leather shows it looking so new, soft and supple.:drool: Some BG's I've seen almost look dry.

    What a find... Enjoy!!! :smile:
  11. congrats...
    she is so beautiful!!! love the color
  12. Oh Powder - I have lost my breath!!!!:nuts: It is beautiful!!!!
  13. wow! such pretty pink, and the leather is TDF...congrats powder!
  14. :love: Thank you girls. I wanted BG forever and yes, it is new, never used. I have loved Deana's since I first saw it and finally, after wanting one for almost 6 months, I have one!!
  15. It is gorgeous! The perfect pink. I have this one too and I love it in the summer. And the leather feels like silk.