New Aqua PT with RH is here!

  1. I do like the style, but I'm not keen on the color. It is definitely more teal than turquoise. I was hoping it would be brighter. It is pretty, but not me. She will be going back. What a pain. I thought for sure that I would love it. Now I'm not sure what to use my BNY credit for.
  2. no pics?? trying to get an aqua twiggy or PT not sure,,,
  3. I could get pics later. Its a really pretty color, but for some reason, I am just not attracted to teal bags at all. Its like a bright teal, if that makes sense. I can see some people really loving it. I may get an aqua toilet case, since I do like the color - but not in a handbag.
  4. I do love the traditional RH
  5. Can you post a pic please?:yahoo: