New Antic Cervo Color - Off-white/Grey

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  1. Here is a picture of the deerskin tote in the new color. This combo also comes in the bowler and the E/W version from the fall (the style that Liv Tyler is carrying in the celebrity pics) plus a belt and many wallet styles. This bag is $2250. :Push:

  2. Damn girl.....another gorgeous bag...I'm loving the color shading on this bag...I wish it had silver hardware though...the gold is gorgeous but to me, it would be irresistable with silver.

    I hate to ask but is this color going to be available in the gaufre's?
  3. Holy ****!!! Love it too...Prada is on a roll!
  4. Oh how beautiful!!! I'm speechless.
  5. Ohhhh my!! :heart:
  6. Yikes, this could mean trouble for the bank account - again! What a fab bag.
  7. I don't know - hopefully it will be. ;)
  8. Gorgeous bag!
  9. Gorgeous! It looks v organic to me
  10. Wow Cougess...

    that's a *gorgeous* bag. Are you keeping this one??? :P

    thanks for posting the eye candy!:yes:
  11. Love it- looks like it'd go from spring to fall beautifully!
  12. reminds me of siamese cats.... :tender: i have been eye-ing a bowler in this.... maybe i should get it! (if there is still one out there!)