New Annie Lennox! Yeah!

  1. For those fellow Annie Lennox fans.. Her new album is being released Oct. 2nd.. Love this woman! I grew up with the Eurythmics & she's awesome as a solo artist as well.


    You can watch the video for "Dark Road" here.. she rocks it~
  2. Cool I will have to pick it up.. Thanks I love her
  3. You can pre order it on On sale for 9.99 & free shipping:smile:
  4. I love her music.
  5. I love Annie Lennox too! I'll get on the list. Thanks for posting.
  6. thanks! an annie fan here!!!
  7. :yahoo:sweet. I am so getting her new cd.
  8. She's great! I'll keep an eye out! :tup:
  9. Excellent.