new Anna Corinna styles....what do you think?

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  1. [​IMG]



    I've never seen these styles before, I think they're really cute, what do you think? What should i get?


    And the city tote now with canvas.....I love this!
  2. The first bag is really cute! I just wonder if the chain strap would dig into your shoulder though, since it's such a big bag.

    At least with the MJ Stam you can carry it by the handle as well.
  3. I really like the last one!
  4. I like the first 2 styles. I'm hoping other websites get them in too. AE's prices are jacked up
  5. They are so cute!! I really am liking her designs
  6. I like the cream color one with all the little knots around it!!! how much does it go for??
  7. The cream bag is cute. =)
  8. I like them all
  9. I like the cream one too.. Reminds me of a squishy pillow :biggrin:
  10. ooh wow.. i love anna corinna designs.. I really like the first and last designs.

    I have her lady duffel and i've gotten so many compliments about it!

    I hope for your sake that other websites get it soon too! since i agree that active endeavors jacks prices up almost by 20% sometimes.
  11. i love them all, they are so different. if you type in "toutie" at in the the check out you get 20% off!
  12. I didn't like the first one until it popped up in brown, which I do like! I wonder about that chain, too. Looks like it would hurt after a while. :Push:
  13. lunaboston has better prices... i think?
  14. I like that last one! I also really like those big, slouchy bags...but they just seem to be everywhere lately. Variety is always good:smile:
  15. the cream one is really cute :flowers:
    and the last one looks fun to have.. you can fold it in half and use the long strap to carry it on your shoulders? am i right?? :rolleyes:
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