New Ankle Purse

  1. I saw the new cruise line at the chanel boutique & I wanted to ask what everyone thinks about the new ankle purse chanel has out this season... i'm not too sure what I think about them to be honest so I wanted to see what everyone else thought.

    yay or nay?
  2. Nay... I'd rather have a full-sized bag. :yes:
  3. I am not a Chanel owner, but am interested in seeing what this looks like! Do you have a pic that you could post?
  4. No, rather get a shoulder bag.
  5. Nay! What's the point?
  6. I thought it was cute.. and maybe if I had an extra 300 million dollars, I would just pick one up as a collector's item.

    i guess the only time I'd use it is at a club or concert/mosh pit type thing. It's better than a wristlet because it won't come off.

    I think it was kind of pricey though (even for Chanel) for it's size. There were pics on the board before, so I might do a search for it
  7. I think they're kind of cute, but I wouldn't buy one. It looks kind of stupid to wear a bag on your ankle. It's something that's fun to look at, but not very practical. Every time you have to get something you'd have to bend down or bend over.
  8. Honestly I thought this was a really cute idea that poked fun of Hollywood's legally challenged "it" girls- and I put my name on the list when I first saw the runway show on But I sincerely thought this anklet wouldn't break 500$ on the expensive end because its so tiny... I was so wrong!
    I mean, seriously at the 1100-1400 (I can't remember the exact price but I know this is the range) you could get a great timeless clutch, wallet, jewelry or wallet on a chain that some one would get a ton of use out of. Really I am just shocked at the price!
  9. it's called "house arrest" for $1395. think i'll pass.
  10. It's cute but dumb to wear on the ankle. Think can pass the bag to any 8 year old daughter.
  11. I think it's kind of cheeky in a really fun way ... prob wouldn't buy one myself, tho.

  12. ridiculous. not even if it were like $2. (but then it wouldn't be Chanel)
  13. i wonder how they are selling... maybe i'd get one if they went on sale later. it is cute, maybe for a concert or something like that - but i'd rather have my money go elsewhere for something more practical
  14. I actually like it. Would be handy at a club. I hate bringing a bag when I go out partying, it's always in my way when I want to dance. I wouldn't pay that much for it though!