New and thought I'd share my very modest collection

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  1. Hi there! I have lurked from time to time and finally joined here a few days ago as I am agonizing over which LV (or two) I want to get this week with a gift card I have coming :yahoo:. Before I started asking questions, I thought I would share my small collection of the moment. I have had many others I have sold over the years, but these are my favorites and I plan only to collect and not sell from now on.

    They are:
    Balenciaga Pom Pom (this my everyday bag and my true love)
    Prada evening clutch purchased on my honeymoon in Rome
    Louis Vuitton Tikal
    Louis Vuitton wallet (don't know the name of the style)
    Prada diaper bag

    Nice to meet you all!!

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  2. welcome to tpf!! beautiful balenciaga, thanks for sharing! white bags are my absolute favorite!
  3. I love your pom pom
  4. Welcome and congrats on your collection:biggrin:....that will definitly grow, the more time you spend here. ;)
  5. cute collection! I love your tikal!
  6. Welcome!!! Nice collection!
  7. Welcome to tpf
    U have a great colllection
  8. Thank you so much for the welcome!! I have been having a great time checking out all of your amazing collections, and the visuals of them on are really helping/confusing me even more about where to go next!:nuts:

    Thanks! This is my 4th Balenciaga, and I cannot see ever letting it go. It is actually light gray. I tried to look up the technical name of the color on the Barneys site, but they aren't carrying it right now. You all know so much more about the details than I do!:P

    And yes, I am sure you will lead me into many more classic bags. Sooo much temptation here!

    OK, back to my obsessive indecision about which way to go next...
  9. Welcome ! I love your pom pom ! :heart:
  10. Hello,
    Welcome in this forum with beautiful modest collection, I have also some this type of collection for my wife. And she is very happy with her collection.
  11. Nice collection!
  12. Welcome to tPF! :nuts: Your collection will definitely grow now that you've joined us! :yes: My fave is your Bal Pom Pom!
  13. Love your Balenciaga!
  14. Your Balenciaga is so gorgeous!!! :drool:
  15. Love the Bbag!