New and so glad to be here! Now, questions...

  1. Hello all!

    I'm so happy to have found a forum that loves bags as much as I do. (this is my first post)

    I just got the Epi Speedy in myrtle! I purchased it at the LV in San Diego (Horton Plaza). They located it for me in Las Vegas and had it shipped to the store so I could take a look at it before purchasing.

    I fell in love with it instantly! This is my first EPI bag, do you guys have any special care suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  2. :nuts: Welcome and congrats!!!!:flowers: You don't have to treat the Epi leather, just use baby wipes to clean the surface.
  3. Thank you Lee!
    I've been reading other posts about Pursekets...
    do you think the speedy is a good candidate for a purseket?
    I've never used one before but it seems like most of you swear by them?
  4. Post pics please! I´m getting that bag in October!
  5. :yes: Oh, yes definitely.You'll be really well organised with one.
  6. :smile: Welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome! That is a great bag, enjoy! Did you get the 25 or 30? Anyway, it is very durable, you don't have to do anything special.
  8. welcome :flowers:
  9. Welcome ....
  10. Welcome!
  11. Congrats and welcome!!!!
  12. Hi and welcome! :flowers:
  13. Welcome.
  14. Congrats and welcome!!!
  15. Welcome to the forum, and congrats! You'll love it here, although your wallet won't:graucho: . I don't have any Epi pieces yet, so I can't offer any care suggestions for it.