New and preloved very early birthday reveal!

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  1. So excited to be sharing these goodies with you all. Some may have already been seen in the authentication thread, but I thought I would give it all it's deserved debut :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385284.022444.jpg
  2. oooh excited to see the big haul! Congrats and happy birthday!
  3. First with the little goodies ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385356.852519.jpg

    Tapage seen on my delightful and artsy ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385427.679676.jpg

    Attached Files:

  4. Zippy coin purse with my wilshire pm ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385539.091820.jpg
  5. I had to get some color into my little brown collection and found this beauty preloved, but brand new :smile: (thanks TPF authentication) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385649.948070.jpg
  6. My last preloved item is from 2006, but she has been loved dearly by her previous owner

    Mono speedy 25.


    Modeling shots ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385788.640079.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385801.572702.jpg
  7. Wow! You did very well! Enjoy your new goodies. :smile:
  8. Wow, all beautiful pieces. Congrats on your haul!
  9. How do you like the 25 in canvas? Is it a comfy fit in the crook of the arm?

    It looks beautiful on you.
  10. Last but not least -- the big brown box! This one is my birthday gift and won't be carried until august 7 th - torture!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396385984.234706.jpg
  11. A.B is my initials, however it is also the first letters of my kids names, Adeline and Brendan

    Neverfull MM Neo in fuchsia and navy. I was scared it would be too bold, but the navy really tones it down while still having that POP! Thanks for letting me share :smile:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396386017.483961.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396386031.754122.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396386043.454328.jpg
  12. Here is a pic of the final haul :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396386246.134970.jpg thanks again for sharing in the fun with me!!

  13. Thanks so much! I do really like it. It seems so feminine to me and easy to carry. Of course, I have not worn it outside yet because it has been raining for two days. The size fits everything I carry perfectly :smile:
  14. Love the colors you picked and I love the fuchsia for the interior. It's beautiful, congrats!
    Lovely haul! Enjoy them all, they are gorgeous!
  15. Oh wow!!! Love your new and preloved beauties!!! Great finds on the pre loved. I LOVE the colors you picked for your mon mono NF:smile: Just love it! How in the world are you going to be able to wait till August?? Congrats on such a great haul!