New and Old Reveal

  1. I have made a few purchases lately..... first for the "old", and then the "new".

    The pic of the first bag is a link to a stock pic of a bag I bought on eBay and then ended up selling to a friend--it is a vintage Chelsea Satchel. Whateve will think I am totally crazy because it is a beautiful bag that we discussed, and I got a great price on it/in excellent condition--but I think my stuff was just too small for it, and I had such a hard time getting in and out of it. I have a friend that buys some of my items, and she loves it, so it all worked out.

    The next one is another eBay purchase--a Chelsea Flagship tote. It is gray, and in really great condition. As you know from another thread I have been working on getting the strange smell out, and I think it is much improved now. Over time it should air out a bit more.


    Now for the new.... a painted dot tote, and a mini Borough. I ordered the tote from Coach with a PCE, and ordered the Borough from Belk with the F & F discount.



    Thanks for looking!
  2. Gorgeous bags! Love the flagship, that leather is amazing!
  3. You got some nice beautiful bags!
  4. Nice!

  5. How much did you end up paying for mini borough? I love this bag! Congrats
  6. The Chelsea tote is very nice and that Borough is so cute!! Congrats on all your bags!!!
  7. +1:smile:
  8. All of your bags are really beautiful! I love them, particularly your mini Borough. Congrats!
  9. Those are some beautiful bags.

    Did you remove the long strap from the mini Borough?

    Love them all.
  10. Both very pretty. I have the mini borough and really like it. Couldn't say no to those stripes. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks all! I do really like them all. To answer your questions, I saved about $70 some dollars on the mini I guess it would have been about $320 or so. I did remove the strap from the mini Borough. I tend to prefer satchel or small shoulder strap/do not like crossbody. The only time I use crossbody is when I have a satchel with me when I am grocery shopping...I keep the crossbody strap in the purse and pull it out to use for that situation. That is one reason I love Coach bags...they are usually smart enough to have the detachable strap.

    I had hesitated to get the mini Borough for two reasons...not being able to get it on sale, and I was worried it would be too tight of a fit. I love small bags, but sometimes when they are too narrow I can't fit even my small amount of items in. But the Borough works! I think the extra pockets help give me a place to keep my phone, and the bag does widen at the bottom which makes a bit more room than it looks like it has. It is a beautiful bag...I have been eyeing that one for a while!
  12. Pretty!
  13. I love the dots! So cute!
  14. Nice haul!
  15. Congrats :smile: