New and old Manhattan PM style

  1. Hi,
    I saw that Manhattan pm is changing its style from the first version ( more distance from pockets and handles- zip closure with lock-red fabric inside) to the courrent version that I have.
    Please could someone tell me why and in wich year it does happen?
    in the LV website there is the new version an the monogram preview and the old one inside in the manhattan page....
  2. do you have the link for the website so I can see what you're talking about?
  3. huh, i have never noticed this!
  4. I never noticed a difference???
  5. Are you sure, I don't think the manhattans ever had red lining.

    My GM did not and I got it within a week or so of release, it is the beige alcantra lining.
  6. :confused1: :confused1: yes link or a pic please....

    Manhattans never had a red lining only beige
  7. Here the pics from Lv european web site...
    actual bag.jpg other....jpg
  8. ^^^^:confused1: :confused1: I am seeing 2 of the same pics except one is cut off:confused1: :confused1:
  9. PS...I read about the red fabric inside from in a e-bay auction weeks ago.
    My Manhattan pm has the alcantara lining inside and i was wandering about the red!!
  10. ^^^maybe the e bay auction was a fake ???:shrugs:
  11. Anything with red is fake, that info was leaked and also other details were wrong on the site initially....theory was this was to throw out the counterfitters.
  12. The one you read about in eBay is fake.
  13. the first pic is the preview of the monogram bags ( when you scroll down the mouse on the list -you can see the preview of each style)
    the other pic is the pic inside the monogram list at the manhattan pm page)
    the big difference ,I think, is the space from front pockets to handle..

  14. Oh, I see what you're looking at -- one has about a half inch of space between the vachetta and pocket and the other is almost touching. But I don't own either bag so I can't answer your question! :confused1:

    One may have been the prototype which they sometimes use for the websites???
  15. must remember the bags on the site are not the same as the actual bag.. they could be the proto types.