New and Old Caviar pics

  1. there have been so many questions about new and old caviar, well here are some pics.

    My 2007 jumbo and 2005 medium caviar in black with gold hardware.

    1st pic - the lining inside my jumbo is loose on the side - is this normal?

    2nd pic - jumbo 'CC' interlock with stamp engraved on the bottom right. the new lock looks flatter on face front but the thickness seems the same as my medium.

    3rd pic - medium 'CC' interlock. stamp engraved on the top left. I notice one thing about the thickness is that this 'CC' interlock is rounder looking and feels rounder on the edges. the 2007 jumbo 'CC' interlock is more squarish on the edges

    4th pic - side by side of my jumbo and medium. can you see with the jumbo on the corner where the light doesn't touch the bag as much as the medium, looks more shiny than the medium!

    5th pic - on the left is my medium and the right is the jumbo. notice the caviar on the medium is more pebbled and does not look as smooth as the jumbo on the right?
    DSC00021a.jpg DSC00023a.jpg DSC00024a.jpg DSC00028a.jpg DSC00031a.jpg
  2. more pics

    1st pic - top - jumbo, bottom - medium

    2nd pic - medium, more matte

    3rd pic -jumbo, more shine
    DSC00033a.jpg DSC00025.jpg DSC00027.jpg
  3. Kaka28, thank for the photos, it looks to me like the old caviar was more durable, dont you think, I do love more of the pebbled texture, but for some reason I love the "new" shine;), and re: the loose of the interior I have noticed it on some medium flap, I have the "old" version on the jumbo and is not as loose, but like I said.. I had seen that in other bags.
  4. thank you for sharing. great info.
  5. For some reason I can't tell the
  6. thanks for great pics and comparison..
  7. Ohhh, I'm on my way to hell (an exam!) but just had to get in one post (I'm so addicted haha). :p Thanks for the pictures!! :smile: It's strange though, because when I recently went to Saks exchange my black Jumbo (strap issues) for another, I compared an "old" and "new" Jumbo's side by side, and the SA and I both agreed that the newer Jumbo's were dull and not as nice as the old... but yours doesn't look like that! :confused1:
  8. Thanks for the pics!

    Like fieryfashionst just said, I just got off the phone with my SA and she also commented that the new Jumbos were dull and not as black. Specifically, she said that that new Jumbos were NOT as shiny as the old Jumbos and the color was more of a dull (faded) black and the leather wasn't as pebbled.

    I'm so confused!
  9. Thanks for the pictures. I like new caviar, smoother surface.
  10. I can hardly tell a difference but the 2007 one looks slightly better imo.
  11. thanks for the info, i agree that the old ones look better
  12. Thanks for the great pictures! I think I like the newer one better.
  13. WOW! This is great! I like the 2005 Caviar...will have to check out my vintage caviar flaps to a few new ones (2007).

  14. When I see the new black caviar bags in boutiques, they look almost grey to me. The black caviar isn't nearly as dark and glossy as it used to be, IMO. It makes me very sad. :tdown: I've wanted a black GST, like, FOREVER, but the ones I've seen lately look faded and grey.
  15. I can vouch for the new caviar leather being duller/more matte than the "older" caviar leather...last month, I purchased a jumbo flap and was able to see the difference with my own eyes.

    Jumbo, new leather

    I actually returned this bag (size being one thing, the leather being the major thing) and got a medium...the leather is the old caviar, much glossier.

    Medium flap, old leather