New and Oh Dear :-(

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I just joined this forum needless to say, I was thrilled to find it! Who would have thought there would be a forum where women just talk about purses all day?!? LOL I am a huge Coach fan, just love the quality and the oh so many different styles. Something for everyone!!

    My oh dear is this.... I was out running errands the other day and saw a lady with the scribble satchel and just had to have it :rolleyes: Well, I couldnt find it in any of the local boutiques and Coach online did not have it so I resorted to eBay. I typically like to purchase my things at a boutique but have, on occasion, bought from eBay. I can usually spot a fake and I am always very careful. Well..... I got an authentic bag and it is beautiful. However, last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend and noticed that one of the handles is torn!!!!! :wtf: Well, I cant take it back since it came from eBay and I dont know if Coach will repair it. It does not look like a deliberate tear but it did not come straight from a boutique. I believe it came from a TJ Maxx or Marshalls or some such store as it has the outlet target on the creed and in addition to that, it has an "x" embossed on it. (Typical of an outlet releasing it to a discount store) So now what??? Will Coach still repair it since it is one of their bags?? I have contacted the seller but havent heard back from her yet. Its only been about an hour. I guess as a last resort I will notify ebay that the product was not as represented but what I would really like is just to have Coach repair it. What do ya'll think my chances are??
    I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better and exchanging purse stories! I have been poring over the archives for the last two days and thoroughly enjoying myself. :popcorn:

    Ta ta,
  2. Welcome to tPF.

    Call Coach and ask. They will probably charge you the $20 shipping fee the fix it. Good luck and let us know what the outcome is.
  3. hi kim..and will love it here on tpf......
    as for your bag......thats disapointing...the other pf members will most likely be replying to you with more info than i can give...but my first instinct is to say take it in to coach and just see what they advise....that is if you do not hear back from seller in a reasonable time.
    again welcome!!!!
  4. I agree with batgirl - call Coach and ask. They will probably take it in for repair, but you'll have to pay the $20 fee.

    I would first see if the seller will do anything for you since I do agree that the item was misrepresented.
  5. Well, its not good news ladies :cursing: I called Coach and they will not repair the bag because it was purchased as a "final sale... as is". Thats what the "X" on the creed means. I finally received a message back from the seller and she says.... obviously I must have done something to the bag because I left her positive feedback and she thoroughly examined the bag and didnt see anything wrong with it. Of course I left her positive feedback.... I love the bag and she was a quick shipper, I didnt notice the damage until the next day. It is an obvious defect. The leather is torn, not cut. I have filed this through paypal but I dont know if they will make her pay up or not. She lied about where she bought it. She told me before I bought it that she bought it at a local Coach store. I dont know what will happen with this bag. If I continue to carry it the handle will break. :sad:

    Talk to ya soon,
  6. Hi Kim...Welcome to the TPF. I hope things work out for you with your bag. You may have to try a leather repair shop.
  7. hi kim! welcome to tpf, same as bethy, send it to a repair shop. i'm sorry that happened to you