New and nervous - question about ironing

  1. Hi all - should you iron directly onto a scarf, or put some other material between the iron and the scarf? Also, can you steam the scarf - like putting it in the bathroom after a shower? Thanks for your help. I'm learning so much already!:yes:

    Another question - are the scarves best stored in their boxes (as I have them now)? Or should they be hung? Sorry for all the ?????

    Thanks in advance -
  2. Linda, are you trying to get the folds out? I believe it is best to leave them in. I have never ironed mine. Maybe some others will weigh in on this.

    One thing I know for sure is not to iron the hem. You want the hem to stay "plump".
  3. Thanks - usually I'm not so quick to iron :lol: (anything), but wasn't sure. Yes, I was thinking to get the folds out.
  4. If you would like a fold out (not where the hems are) you could try to put a towel on it and iron it. Maybe those little garment steamers would work ?
  5. I store them in a Birkin box on my shelf, folded.
  6. you can steam them in the bathroom, if i'm too lazy to iron sometimes i might leave the shower on really hot for a while and hang it up :shame:

    when i iron properly i tend to hang them up and steam them as well, i don't like the folds so i smooth those out. if i'm doing other ironing (which is almost never) then i might iron them normally. they really aren't particularly delicate, the only thing i'd worry about is if your iron isn't properly de-scaled, you could get some icky water coming out and causing stains. then i wait until it's cooled down properly before putting it back in the box so i don't get the folds in as strongly.

  7. Hey that's a good idea! I store mine in their own boxes so I need the folds, so I can get them to fit. I think I'll try your idea with my Kelly box. :tup:
  8. :yes:Someday I hope to save mine in a Lindy box. For now, I guess they'll stay in their own boxes!

    Thanks everybody for the tips. The shower sounds like the easiest way for me to go. These are my new darling babies, I'm going to be very careful with them!!
  9. Linda, what I did to make the boxes work better is I printed out a tiny picture of each scarf and taped it to the appropriate box. It really makes it easier to find what I'm looking for without having to open each box.
    OOOOOOH a Lindy! I can see you with one. I think it'd be a cool bag for you. :tup:
  10. I just iron directly on them....spritz a little water over the scarf and press with medium heat! I USED to store them each in their own scarf box but now they co-habitate all together folded in the "scarf drawer" of my armoire.....
  11. That's a good idea. I took the tag off the scarf and taped it to the side of each box, so the name of the scarf and colorway is right there. A picture is even better!

    Yes, I saw the Lindy and fell in love.:love::love: I may start a new post about it, asking for info.
  12. I went to the H store today and asked one of the SA what was best to do, steam or iron? and she said definately iron but not the hems.
  13. That is a great idea! Mine are all stored in their individual boxes and when I'm in a rush to get out and want a particular scarf, the room ends up looking like a mess as I open each one. With shoes, I'm more organized with pictures on the boxes.
  14. Not sure if you've seen this thread yet. It is a "photos only - no chatter" reference thread that has some great pics of the Lindy. If the search funtion was working it would be easy to find lots of info but it'll be a few days before it is back, so I hear.

    Yes, start a thread for info. There are some folks here who are big fans and know lots!
  15. Thanks - I did see the thread on Photos only. I was drooling.:sweatdrop: I think that for now, I will have to worship from afar. Once I graduate and start making my millions (:lol:) then I can think about the Lovely Lindy.