New and needing help finding a particular style

  1. My husband bought me a Coach Bleeker Leather Large Flap (style #11419) for our anniversary a few days ago. He bought it at Dillards. The bag I wanted was a similar description (except called laced leather, I think), but style #11446. I am not terribly wild about the one I have. The size is wrong for me, but if I am going to have one that big, I would prefer something I really love, and that is the 11446. Any idea where I might locate that item? I've searched for it, but can't find it online anywhere except one on eBay. I'm nervous about going that route because of fakes. At this point, I'm considering returning it, and trying to get the Bleeker leather shopper.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. I know my store (Columbus circle) had it like last week 212-581-4115
  3. Thank you! I'll have to call and see if they will ship to Florida.