New and need help....

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  1. Hi All,

    let me start out by saying you guys are GREAT.. I am new to TPF and have learned alot of info from you guys.. and you have helped me so much with many questions that I have had.... so now I come to you with my first post.... which cosmetic case do you like? I am toying with the Pochette compact (which I bought today but am undecided).. or the poche toilet 19.. both are the same price... but I think I like the lines of the compact best... HELP PLEASE!!

  2. yeah I would stay with what you already purchased they are so similar and I actually like the compact slightly better.
  3. Does your compact have a washable lining? Because the pochette 19 has the washable lining. The inside of a makeup case can get pretty dirty. Also, the dimensions of the 19 are bigger. I love my pochette 19.
  4. Yes, it has a washable lining... the pochette 19 is a little bigger.. but it seemed that the compact opened up a bit wider... gosh.. such a hard decision...
  5. Then stay with your first purchase. That is the one you liked and chose. If you are truly undecided then go back to the store and look at the 19 once more. $255.00 is still a lot of money for a small leather accessory. You should love your purchase and be 100% sure that that is the one you want. I can say that the 19 is really getting used a lot.... daily.... and I have no complaints about it. In fact, a few friends have seen it and are going to buy it as a Christmas gift to themselves.
  6. Thanks so much for your help... I think I am going to keep what I got (for now)... it is tucked away as a Xmas gift (to me- he he)... and I agree $255 was PAINFUL for a small accessory.. but I know in the end I will enjoy it and it will be worth it!!
  7. Good decision. And you are welcome!
  8. Congrats!!!