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  1. I'm new here and need the benefit of your vast experience and wisdom.

    I'm looking for a large soft squishy bag for every day. So it needs to handle a large checkbook-billfold, two pagers, a blackberry, a large sunglasses case, a large round hairbrush and also have room to stuff in mail, etc.

    I'm really hard on bags - I just won't make allowances for delicate finishes and details. But I use them until they fall apart - I'm getting an average of three years out of heavy-duty vintage Coach (old style with no lining) bags. I'm not into a lot of hardware and would like it not to look obsolete next Fall.

    I'm willing to go up to $1K, but would prefer to stay under $700 if possible.

    I'm 5'5", so can carry some size.

    Recommendations???? Sources?????
  2. how about a MJ multipocket? it comes in 2 sizes, though i think you'd prefer the large for your needs. very classic style, and the pockets would keep you organized. also, made of very soft leather & would be very durable.

    i know Neiman Marcus carries the style in stores, though i don't see it online. here are some ebay pics to help.


    and here's the ebay link for more pics:

    retail would be a little over the $1K line, but 'tis the season for sales...i believe neiman may be putting them on sale next week?
  3. So many possiblities, do you have a brand in mind?
  4. Yes, narrow it down just a bit....
  5. I would recommend the bag that I am carrying now, the Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo. It comes in black and chestnut and can be found on sale for around $300.00 at This purse carries everything I need, and trust me, I carry EVERYTHING and also hangs very well from the shoulder. The leather looks more amazing with each wear. I highly recommend this bag. PLUS, you won't see 100 other women carrying this same purse (which is something I absolutely hate) at the same time. Best of luck! ;)
  6. Billysmom, welcome to this wonderful forum.

    Have any of you ladies seen/bought a bag by Kipepeo? What's the quality like? I'm curious about this large tote:

    Luna Boston | Large Nairobi Tote Details

  7. Kooba makes some great handbags that are durable and stylish. Most are oversized, made of a wonderful quality of leather and are very well made. I have three and are eager to add a few more. There are many styles that are on sale at this time, alot on most of the main dept store websites. Most are in the price range...on sale.. of $400.00 or so. Not on sale they run around $600.00 to $650.00 Here are just a few...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Wow! Thanks for all your quick responses and advice! The Koobas look wonderful, as does the Botkier! I'm also browsing among the Isabella Fiores.

    I'm thinking chocolate for color - would go great with my collection of vintage cowboy boots!
    Do y'all have favorite on-line sources for the above bags? I bought my just-for-business Michael Kors Winter Warrior large satchel from Zappos, but they charge retail+ for their service (which is terrific!) I hate paying Texas sales tax, so NM goes to the bottom of the list ...

    Oh! And I also need room for a dog leash, poop bags and treats.

  9. I know you said 1K, but I recently ventured over the comma price (again) and bought a Balenciaga - a large one, don't even know the name! It's between the city and the work bag. The leather is treated so the rain storms we've been having in Jersey didn't hurt it at all. It holds everything!

    I've got a large Vuitton wallet, agenda, credit card holder, cell phone, large Prada sunglesses w/really large case, eyeglasses, makeup bag, bills, check book, lottery ticket holder, large key ring, and.....I can add a hardcover book and a large Vogue!

    Been buying purses for 30 years (in the 40+ club) and it is by far the finest leather handbag I've every owned. And since I bought the black, it goes with everything and doesn't scream designer.
  10. If you're still interested in Koobas there is a Nisha on sale for $345.00 at I have the exact same bag and I'm quite happy with it. Here is a pic...

  11. I would get a Chocolate Fendi spy has enough room for everything, beautiful leather and a classic bag. Their is even some good deals on ebay at the moment, but get them check out on the authentic fendi bit first.
  12. That Kooba Nisha is an awesome bag for durability and style. That's my favorite for what you need.
  13. Thanks, all. Great advice and a wealth of experience here.

    I'm seriously considering the Kooba Paige in raisin.
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