New and in Desperate Need of Your Help to Find This Bag!!!!!! My MJ HG!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi all,
    So after hours and hours of searching, I finally found a picture of the Marc Jacobs bag I woke up with a VISION of in my head (no joke). I knew I'd seen it before, but I didn't know when or where. Of course, now it's unavailable everywhere (there's only one PICTURE of it that I could find, for crying out loud), but I know all the trusty Purse Forum posters out there may be able to help!
    Here is that one loaf-ly picture: (posted by's the white Large Leather Double-Pocket Hobo). Also see attached.
    Any idea where I can find my HG???? Thanks in advance for all your help!!!
  2. Some more info and pics have been found. It's the "Beth Faridah" (according to this site: Still don't know where to buy it though (I think that site offers it, but for an extremely inflated price, and in Korean money. Not to mention navigating through a Korean website is...not going to happen.)
  3. IMO, this bag will be very very hard to find. The only place that I think you could get it would be eBay.
  4. another option is you can try to find the item's sku number. then you can use it to have department stores that carry the mbmj bags look up their inventory to see if they still have it in stock somewhere. i would also call a mbmj boutique and ask them to do a search of their company's stock as well. perhaps they have one lying around in the backrooms. good luck!
  5. its really cute - i hope you find it! :biggrin:
  6. thanks for all your help!