New and Improved Pictures of New Fall 06 Luxury by Chanel Khaki Bronze Bowler!

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What do you think of this bag?

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  1. I apologize, I already started a thread asking the same question, however in the first thread I used photos which, now, upon second inspection, I think do not accurately portray the color of the new Luxury By Chanel Medium Bowler/Camera Bag in Khaki (Bronze). In the interest of a true response and fresh poll with these new photos I have now taken with a new Canon Rebel (nice camera) I am reposting my question: What do you think of the color? Sorry if I am redundant, I did not like that the other photos might be mis-informing people.

    Chanel a1b.jpg

    Chanel a2b.jpg

    Chanel a3.jpg

    Chanel a5.jpg

    Chanel a8.jpg

    Chanel a9.jpg

    Chanel a14.jpg

    Chanel a11.jpg

    Chanel a15.jpg

    Chanel a13.jpg
  2. I pulled up both sets of photos to compare on my monitor and these look a bit darker. Is that correct?

    How would you compare this metallic to the metallic black? I like this color a lot but am not into metallic bags as a rule.
  3. I do like the bag and the color. I would love to see a picture of the bag on you to give better feedback!
  4. This color is beautiful and I can see it being incredible the whole year round. The bronze is perfect for Fall/Winter but the metallic makes it right for Spring/Summer. I just love it :biggrin:
  5. I love this medium bowler I have a metallic black and a metallic silver one too. I'm not too fond of this color though.
  6. Hi I just got this bag via Fed ex today it is stunning, nice and roomy but not to big. Not great for on the shoulder, more a wrist or hand held bag. But I like that. When winter comes I can never get a bag on my shoulder over a heavy coat, scarf etc. I have included a close up. The color is gorgeous as well.....:yes:
    chanel bowler.jpg
  7. hier the luxury bowling bag in black very lovely

  8. Oh I heart these :love: . If only I could bring myself to spend over $2K for one handbag....
  9. Me too:crybaby: , I'm not there yet...:crybaby:
  10. I myself am not sure that I don't like the metallic black better- because the metallic black has a kind of "rocker" vibe with the chain inlay etc. Black and chains - hardcore. The metallic Bronze is softer and more girly.
  11. Just a FYI that the metallic for fall is deerskin, not goatskin. This bag is the new deerskin leather.
  12. I love this bag and this color! I have it in the black metallic and I've come to use it more than my beloved Balenciagas. :shame: I like this color a lot but I think I'll pass on it. Since I already have the black, I feel that $2k is a lot to pay for the same bag in another neutral color. Even though it's metallic, it seems like a basic color to me. I don't know if I'm making any sense. (!) I've been on an airplane most of the day and should be getting to bed, but instead I'm catching up on the forums! :P
  13. I showed the metallic black bowler to my boyfriend and he said that it looked like his shaving kit with a chain handle. God. Men!
  14. I think I saw one of these in NM last night and the color was lighter than in these photos?! I have one coming to me in the mail and am curious to see what the color looks like in person.
  15. I had this bag in a rose color, but I returned in a week later. It just did nothing for me in regards to the design. The leather is so soft that anything you put in it points out and then the bag looses its design. Bugged the hell out of me! Anyway, I love the bronze. I would naturally buy anything bronze, thats how much I love the color.