New and I have a few questions!

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  1. Hey girls... I usually post in the Balenciaga forum, but decided that I need a Chanel! I have a few questions, though.

    1. I want to get a really durable, everyday bag - I should go for caviar over lambskin, correct? (I think I'm going for a medium classic flap.)
    2. Does the metal on the bags scratch easily?
    3. Where can I buy AUTHENTIC vintage Chanel bags? I want a vintage clutch...

  2. I normally just buy from NM, CHanel or Saks Fifth. AUthentic VIntage, I believe another PFer might be able to direct you.

    I have come across *************.com. My friends have bought a couple of items from that site. The owner used to be a buyer for Chanel at Saks FIfth.

    I would say if you want an everyday bag, I would go for the jumbo as you could place more items in it. If you are open to other options instead of the classic bags, I would say the Grand Shopping Tote would be nice. Try to go into the store and try out a couple of bags for feel and to suit your preferences.

    I agree that Caviar would be a better choice just for the sake of easy care.