new and I came with a question!!

  1. Hey everyone! I'm Rebecca and I am now addicted to this website. I just bought a paddington from e-bay and it hasn't arrived quite yet. I want as many opinions on its authenticity before it gets here since you only have a certain amount of time to send it back! The seller has 100% feedback with over 400 sales, and it looks considerably real. I emailed her asking of the authenticity and she says that she has a reputable dealer in Europe. so anyone who has a sec. could you take a look at this link and leave me some feedback? Thank you!!

    xoxo everyone!:P
  2. Hi Rebecca. I'm pretty new myself. I've been here for a few weeks and am addicted. I am on the paddy wagon myself. I am new to chloe but my opinion is that it is NOT authentic. You would be lucky to find a NEW let alone used paddy for under $1000. I'm sorry. The price is definitely a red flag. Other opinions?
  3. Uh oh...... :blink: :unsure:

    Sorry to break it to you but doesn't look too real to me.
  4. Yea, I'm no Chloe expert but from the very first picture the leather looks too stiff
  5. Sorry, but this just can't be the real thing. The leather looks stiff (and also a bit shiny) & the price is just not possible - who would ever sell a new paddington this much under retail?
  6. sorry but it's fake!
  7. Ditto... sorry hunnie... send it back and get your money!!!
  8. uh oh, i'm afraid it's a fake. the leather is too stiff. I have the tan in paddy shopper and it is a different color, also very pebbly. Someone just bought a tan paddy very recently on this forum so look it up cause she posted pics and the leather/ color is very different. get your $ back now!
  9. Sorry girl. >___< I suggest doing a lil research on what you're buying first before bidding anything on Ebay because there're so many fraudulent sellers there! Even if you know nothing about the bag, the (low) price usually gives the warning that it's fake.

    The rule of the thumb: If it's too good to be true, it usually is!
  10. sorry, it looks fake to me
  11. Yeah, it's not looking good, and that price...yikes! Nobody takes a hit like that! Always a clue. On ebay, if it's too good to be true...!
    Reputable dealer my a**!
  12. Fake..sorry. And on all the feedback from the seller the item is kept private on only some sales (probably handbags). Jeans are the only feedback you can see. Looks fishy.

    Also, these bags are not selling for less than retail brand new.
  13. Definitely a fake, no question at all. When you have the real thing you know what to look for and it is all wrong. Please report her to ebay and get your money back. When the real thing costs $1540 there is no way a reputable seller would charge well under that and lose money. Look on the market place here or purchase from a retail store.

    That selller knows she is selling fakes so she shouldn't give you a hard time if you tell her you did homework against the real bags and will report her to ebay if she doesn't refund your money asap. Once you have your money, report her anyway!
  14. Oh Man, yet another lovely ebay fakearooney. Hurry get you $$$ back fast! If you want true authenticity, but dont want to pay retail, either post a link here for our member to check it before you purchase, or take a look at our marketplace. There are some beauties for sale here.
  15. Wooooooo, that's way off. Keep on this @%@*#%(& seller and get your $ back.

    Agree with Ranskimmie, post links on the PF before buying a bag - good luck with finding your Paddy!