New! and a question about scarf print

  1. Hello, I'm Steph this is my first time posting but Ive been reading everyday since August and I Love Coach and this forum.I love all the pictures and I feel like I have so much info just from here! right now my collection is small I just graduated from college and can't afford Coach like Id like to. (I have 2 bags, a wrislet, a mini skinny, a wallet, 1 key fob, 1 key ring and a valet king ring. I'm going to try to post photos if I can figure it out.)

    My question is I love the scraf print and I would reallllly like a top handle pouch in it but they arn't on the site or at the outlet I go to ( Tilton, NH) and I've never used eBay and I'm nervous to start. So does anyone know if the scarf print is something Coach puts out every season?(in the spring/fall maybe?) or was it a one time thing? if I have to I'll try eBay but I was hoping that in an upcoming season there might be scarf print pouches again. Maybe this is a silly question. I can usually get answers by just browsing around here in tpf but this has me stumped.

    Also assuming I somehow get a scarf print pouch do you guys think it's too nice a bag( the fabric is satin-y) for everyday use? Would you use it at night or when you dress up only? I am a small bag person I just don't carry alot of stuff and a pouch could be my every day bag. I wouldnt want to ruin a pretty bag or look stupid though.
    Thank you for any help in advance!
  2. Steph,
    Can't really help you with your question, but just wanted to welcome you to TPF!! We have a lot of fun here!:tpfrox:
  3. If you are looking at something on eBay, be sure to post it on the "Authentiate This" thread before you bid, that way some of our Coach experts can give you their opinion if the bag is real or not.

    As to the bag being too dressy, no, but then it all depends on what your day-to-day wardrobe is. For me a scarf print bag would only be special occasion or brought into rotation for a day or so, only because my personal experience with the scarf print fabric is that it gets dirty easily, and I am anal about stuff like that (I keep a little wash cloth in my purse when I carry my LV Petit Noe because I don't want the bottom to get dirty, since it has a vachetta bottom.)
  4. Just post on the authenticate this post! I got a pouch online and the people there helped authenticate it. Im also looking at the scarf print and there is alot on ebay so make sure you post so you dont waste your money on a fake.
  5. I don't think it's too dressy. Also, the scarf print was not a one time thing. They have been releasing items from this line for the past couple of years so I would imagine that there will be new items to come in the future. Hope that helps a little.
  6. Don't be scared of eBay. It's good to be cautious of what you are buying though. Check the feedback of the people you are considering purchasing from. Check for negative people that question the Coach authenticity. As everyone else said, after you locate an item you are interested in, post it on the 'authenticate this' thread... they'll help you out!:tup: