New Altos

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  1. Hi all, sorry such a long time since participating, I'll be moving and am going through major stuff purging! The last thing I should be thinking about are new bags!!!

    However, looked through new arrivals on the D&B site tonight and came across 3 new Alto bags - very different - here is one example:


    Interesting, but a little out there for me!!! What do you all think?

  2. Thanks for posting and good luck getting settled after the move.
    I haven't seen this handbag in person, but I don't like the front corner treatment. They did some other Altos with the folded over leather and open spaces. I did not like them either.
  3. Hey A! I was wondering where you have been. Moving again? (I remember when you moved to the PNW a few years ago.) Good luck with it. I'm glad to see some new styles arriving, though these aren't particularly appealing to me. That's not to say they won't grow on me!! Thanks.
  4. Hi A! Good luck with your move. This bag sure is an interesting one. I haven't seen anything like that before. It probably wouldn't be for me but its nice to look at.
  5. When I look at that design, it makes me think that Dooney is trying to keep the price of the Altos down by using less leather. In other words, literally cutting corners to cut corners!
  6. Agree. The corners look sad with the lining hanging out like that. :tdown:
  7. Hi MB, yes moving again, but this one is just local - finally bought a house after renting here for a few years, it will be ready in August. Needless to say, spending on handbags right now has come to a screeching halt :smile:
  8. Hi TB! nice to check in with you all again. I like the leather on these bags, but the linen corners - I can see making a hole in them pretty quick!
  9. exactly! and the fabric part will get worn out faster, seems impractical to me.