New Alto Doctor Satchel

  1. For those who love the Dr Satchel, I see Dooney is offering a new style Alto Dr satchel. See website.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. OH MY GOSH!! That is super cute! That might have to be my next purchase!
  4. Dooney lost a black alto dr satchel I sent to them in Aug & I have been holding onto a $147 credit slip since they told me they lost it. This might be my replacement. Just have to pick a color...
  5. loveeee itttt... man i never go to their website because i always see things i need...err... want! LOL
  6. super cute :smile:
  7. This is such a cute bag! This is going on the wishlist -- especially the marine blue color.
  8. very, cute.. proffesional! and adorable. would make a great evening bag.. night out anyone?
  9. Lil too big for an evening bag!
  10. Marine Blue looks different for a change. I have stuff in black, brown & Natural.
  11. wow...i heart it sooo much, its cutter than the old one!

  12. hehe i just told him you said that and he's like "oh, it's not little?" he doesn't carry the handbags, he's just in love with a messanger dooney made ;) *educates the gayman* he said it "looked tiny!" i'd carry it if it was tiny ;)

    thanks for that lol :roflmfao: