New Alma bb?

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  1. Have you seen these? I have not seen in person but wow.
  2. I have not seen them in real life but they do look gorgeous in pictures.

    These bags remind me that a while ago someone asked if Miroir bags look outdated. These new 'updated Miroir Almas' prove that fashion trends go in cycles.
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  3. I saw the pink in in my boutique, it was soooo beautiful :smile:
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  4. Someone posted a pic of the 2nd one in the Alma BB clubhouse. Definitely eye-catching!
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  5. I would absolutely opt for those...they look great! Someone has one on instagram. It is Gorgeous form her photos.
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  6. I saw the silver one in store, I’m not really keen on the combination with the tanned leather on the bag. But if you like the combination it sure is a gorgeous bag!
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  8. I do like the pink one with the black strap and handle!
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  9. I’ve seen the silver combo in store and I don’t love it personally but it sure looks stunning on the right person!
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  10. Wow! If this was done in a Gold / bronze or “warm” metallics, I’d have it now!
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  11. Long Beach tote! Lol.
  12. I love the metallic look of them. Already have a couple of Almas in different styles so wish they were released in a different style though.
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  13. Me too. would prefer another style but better for my wallet I suppose.
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    E0BBFCC6-09DF-400A-BB48-50BE8BD1955F.jpeg 21A182F0-C918-4F5B-BBDE-031420733549.jpeg 807AC770-5DF3-4636-95D3-41E8BFE758C0.jpeg Are these new too?
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