New Alligator Pieces...Outrageous Prices!

  1. hi everyone..i'm fairly new to TPF, just wanted to say i love this site! i found these while surfin the coach website...i dont know how to post the pics so i'll provide the links...tell me what ya all think! i think that the leigh or the "pocket flap" in gunmetal is to die for...but $10,!
  2. Welcome to tPF! Those are all beautiful bags, but the prices are extremely high. I realize that alligators are a lot harder to come by than cattle, but $30,000?

    Companies tend to make just a few of these kinds of pieces to create media buzz for their current lines.
  3. Plus, exotics are really "in" this season; however, if I had $30K to blow on a handbag, I'd probably go for Hermes :blush:
  4. Why can't they make it leather embossed alligator?? I bet they would sell more than the real gator bags.
  5. OMG.. no comments on the price :wtf:
  6. Dangggggg.

    I like the Python Miranda more actually and it costs LOADS less.

    And I totally agree I'd rather go for Hermes for exotics at that price.
  7. The Hamptons Alligator Satchel is gorgeous but the price makes me :sweatdrop:.
  8. I'd rather get a Hermes too!
  9. At first I thought the first one was $1000, and I was thinking, hmmmm, that's a nice one, maybe I'll splurge...

    And then I noticed I was off by a zero.:amazed:

    For $10,000, you can get some serious bag, and that one is just not worth it.
  10. I don't care how much they cost! They are beautiful SKINS, right up there with mink!
  11. LOL! I must say on behalf of my wallet and my dh, they are glad that I am not into exotic skins! I like cows! The other stuff gives me the heeby jeebies! I will however congratulate any gal on the Coach forum that purchases one of these lovely bags!

    ETA: OK, I lied. I want this one:
  12. ^^^That's exactly the one I would get, too!:tup::love: I saw the grey one in the store and I wasn't feeling it but this one is just beautiful! I wish the hardware was shiny palladium, though...
  13. Yum! If I only had the $$$$$$$$$ :love: