New All things Positive LE Magenta thread

  1. hi everyone! i wanted to start fresh with some new positive energy for those who are waiting it out for this extra special stunning bag... here are some inspirational photos!!:heart::heart:



  2. i am moving this post over here to the new positive thread: here is what i said

    i work in the fashion business, and i am seeing so so much fushia for fall winter. i just worked on a fashion story yesterday for new years eve dresses... all silver and magenta.

    there is always the new magenta... but the 05 magenta is so rich and so pure of a color, i cant see how the new magenta could be as vibrant. I have a hunch, mind you its just a hunch.. that the new magenta will be lighter in hue and luminosity... just cause i can't see how they could possibly make it richer and deeper than the 05 which in my opinion is a true rich deep saturated eye popping totally stunning over the top most popular fushia magenta bag ever made by any fashion house.

    and that is why i believe they chose this one to re release.

    there is a consignment shop up the block from me. they have a fusia kelly bag in the case. i have been looking at it for a month now. its quite stunning.. fushia with silver hardware... but its not Bal 05 magenta which has a live of its own. I carried my magenta weekender the other day when all this drama started .. just for fun to see if i would get any comments. in my short walk to work, which is four NYC blocks, i was stopped three times to ask about the bag...

    i carry bals every day.. that magenta bag is the only one, other than an ink that i had and sold, that ever got gasps of "how pretty".
  3. Yay! Great idea! Now I want one, too!
  4. positive energy is good! thanks for the lovely pic. i'll drool over it until i get mine... whenever that is! lol.
  5. InStyle has a whole page w/pictures of stars wearing magenta/fuschia dresses. Other than Cameron Diaz, I can't remember which ones, but I'll try to scan it in when I get home and add it to this thread...

  6. thanks kimberf! that would be fantastic!! i think we all need a little boost after such a crazy week..

  7. i love the magenta on nicole richie. believe it or not i haven't even seen this darn magenta IRL yet but i've completely fell in love seeing all the pics, especially nicole. hope i would look as good as she does with it. :p

    "borrowed" the pic from the celebrity section btw.
  8. [​IMG]



  9. [​IMG]
  10. I can't see most of the pictures, but thanks for starting a positive thread for us LE Magenta girls! I'm sorry that I have to wait so long, but I know the bag will be worth it when it comes and I am certainly going to wait it out rather than cancel my order.
  11. i dont know about you guys, but these pics make me instantly happy!

    i have always referred to my magenta bag as my "bag to carry on a blue day" bag, cause it cheers me up!!
  12. Toni thanks so much for starting this thread! It's gives us a nice fresh start. I honestly can't wait to see everyone's MAGENTAS!:yahoo:
  13. Ditto, ICB! I've got dibs on a SS 08 Magenta, and your thread, toni22, just makes me look forward to next season's colors...
  14. Ok, here are a couple of pictures to inspire us...

    Jessica Biel

    Cameron Diaz
  15. I didn't jump on board fast enough for the LE Magneta ( who knew I could love the day AND the city!!!!!), so I am going to have to get the 08 magenta.
    I am thrilled for all of you that are willing to wait- that color is down right breathtaking!!!!!! It is the one color that I don't care if it is bright or not- I am carrying it!!!!!!!!
    I don't feel that anyone is right or wrong for not waiting, but for those who are waiting, I wouldn't want anyone to rain on your beautiful fushia parade!!!!!!!!!
    There is going to be alot of :drool: going on when you get your new magenta bbag and have that beauty in the crook of your arm!!!!!!!!

    JMHO but being Positive I feel is VERY good thing!!!!!!