New all-canvas Bag

  1. It's like a Lindy collided with a Deauville in the most riotously-coloured way possible.. contrast piping/handles and all. Not certain of the bag's name - looks like it can be fastened shut in the two directions

  2. I dont know if this is real.. not only as I'm feeeling really badd..and this does feel as bad as i do
  3. Well, they certainly look cheerful and fun but the placement of the handles certainly don't look really practical for a canvas bag, especially with that insecure opening.
  4. Oop, forgot to add.. image from's latest 'Candycast'
  5. these are the new beach bags for summer...
  6. Yeah, I saw these bags at Hermes a couple of weeks ago. They're displayed with the beach towels.

    I personally think they're fun and cheerful, especially when they're meant for the beach. There's one in teal, or bluish green. And it looks much better than the picture.

    They're much larger than the Lindy. There's definitely more than enough room for towels, bathing suit, change of clothes and a big bag of chips. :supacool:
  7. does anyone know how much they are?
  8. YEP...something like $750 if I recall correctly. Saw the orange/green one - kinda cute!
  9. A lot of $ for a beach bag.
  10. They look cute
  11. Great knitting bag
  12. Maybe a good diaper/toddler bag? For loading up snacks, sticker books, books, change of clothes, crayons etc.

    * intrigued *
  13. IRL, it's a cutie for sure. I was really taken with it when I saw it in the boutique.
  14. Do you remember colour combinations, in addition to the ones pictured? Or if there were different sizes (e.g. GP)?
  15. Fun colors ! Are the handles leather ??