New "Ala Folie" Costume Jewlery

  1. Came across this in a magzine yesterday , not sure if u guys have seen this before, but I think is really cute.. !! Cant wait to see it IRL !!
    lvbracelet.jpg LVaccesories.jpg
  2. nice
  3. Very cute! Must not be sidetracked....What is LV doing to us all with all this new stuff coming out at once? Eeek!
  4. ^ cant agree more!
  5. I kinda like it!

    Thanks for posting.
  6. its really pretty, i hope its not too expensive...
  7. Love it!! I want a ring!!
  8. Interesting...
  9. Pretty ... thanks for the info.
  10. Cute but not really my style. I'll stick to my Inclusions and Bubbles.
  11. I'm liking this!
    I wonder if those earrings are hoops?
  12. I like the bangle.:yes:
    So much new stuff, so little money.:sweatdrop:
  13. i think these actually look sophisticated compared to the Inclusions, Bubbles or Sweet Mono.
  14. The Bubbles were pretty simple and sophisticated actually.
    The Inclusions and Sweet Mono, I can see, but the costume jewelry line is supposed to be more "fun" IMO.
    I think they leave the nicer pieces for the fine jewelry line.
  15. Very cute, I love it!