New airline regulations and pets

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  1. Uh oh... I need to book a ticket soon to move to Chicago with my cat. I hope they'll still let pets on board. Hopefully they won't think I'm hiding a bomb in my cat!:hysteric:
  2. Hmm i never even thought about how this might affect travelling with pets, hopefully it doesn't.
  3. I know this is old thread, but I found a wonderful site that gives the updated info (I'm assuming to the best of their ability) on travelling with pets, domestic & international:

    If you're unable to fly non-stop and have the choice of connecting cities within the US, there's also a list of pet friendly airports (if you have time to let him/her out for a break):
  4. oh, wish I'd known about pet friendly airports the one time I flew with my dog. She had to be in her carrier for six hours since I changed planes and she peed in there. poor baby. :sad:
  5. i just flew a couple weeks ago and on my flight out of town a lady had a cat with her in a carrier that she was carrying on the flight. we were on a super small plane, one where if you have a small rolling suitcase or huge duffel bag then they won't let you carrying it onto the plane but where you drop it off right outside the door of the plane. not sure if this lady was able to take the cat carrier onto the plane but i know it made it through security
  6. I know a specific number of pets are allowed per cabin. As long as the carrier fits under the seat, it's fine, even on the commuter planes. Regarding checking pets, with the scorching temps, it depends on the connecting airport and if there's a pet embargo through that city.
  7. Also, make sure you call the airline when you're booking your flight. You need to make a reservation for your cat if you want her in cabin with you (which i HIGHLY recommend considering it being summer and the cargo area seems just plain scary if you ask me). There's a fee associated with it, but it's better than getting there and being denied boarding because there are too many animals in cabin.
  8. I was flying on a southwest flight where two people from Busch Gardens had some kind of animal in a cage with a cover over it on a seat. I wonder why they let them travel with their iguana or whatever it was but I couldn't buy a seat for my dog?

    A lady standing behind me in line was cracking me up though. She starts saying that she thinks there might be snakes in there and they better let her see if that's what they are. She said if Samuel L. Jackson showed up on the flight she was getting off! We never did see what was under the cover though.
  9. That's strange because southwest airlines won't accept pets at all, in the cabin or cargo, unless they're assistance animals. It's funny because you can buy a seat for a big musical instrument.
  10. We've just checking into flights for my Mom and her dog. We were told that Northwest Airlines only allows 1 animal in the cabin per flight...and they do not allow animals to fly in the cargo hold in the summer because of the heat.

    We will probably have to adjust the travel dates/flights to find one that doesn't already have a pet booked.
  11. They let SeaWorld fly some of their animals on their flights too. I'm not sure if it's a sponsorship thing or what. I would have LOVED to have been on the flight with the penguins though! (Saw it on Airline one day)
  12. I think that Northwest actually allows at least 2 or 3 animals per cabin and their bigger concern is that the animals on the plane need to be a certain minimum number of rows from each other. When we flew with our Shih Tzu on Northwest a few months ago we just had to make the reservation for the dog over the phone and pay ahead of time. We also had to be assigned seats based on where the other animals were seated on the plane. We called a couple of times and got conflicting information from different agents about whether we had to pay over the phone or at the airport, but I do know that they allow at least two animals per flight because there were other dogs on both of our flights.