New agenda?

  1. When did this come out ?

  2. Not Sure When It Came Out But It Is New Because I Just Got One Last Week Its Sooo Cute I Love It
  3. ^^^^ How much was it. i love trunks and bags.... By the way Lucky!!!
  4. i just got one this past weekend, it retails for US $300. and i believe it probably was released the first week of september but SA did not call me saying the manager had one on hold for me until last tuesday. i couldn't get to the city to pick it up till saturday.
  5. Wow I love that! My agenda is my fave LV accessory!
  6. OMG osh .. I must have missed something here.
  7. I saw it today. I almost bought it.
  8. ^^^ it's cute right? lol i couldn't resist it. i will have pics of it in my new "family" pics tomorrow. i have to start a new thread cuz i lost all my other pics in my old thread when my old server crashed :sad:
  9. Saw it today and definately looks cute.
  10. I like it!
  11. yeah its cute but im not INNNNN love with it
  12. It was just released a few days ago! Cute huh?
  13. Recently. Calgary HR received one last week before PSN.