New aesthetic coming for spring 2018

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  1. Last, but not least are the stunning quilted Gem bags. I first got the black in both sizes as can be seen in this pic.
    As I mentioned during my mini pocket I was experimenting with the various styles this season, I was happy to find that the detachable straps are interchangeable.:idea: In this pic, the shortest strap is the one that comes with the large Gem....the chain and leather strap is the one that came with the medium Gem and the longest strap is from my Cross3.

    As many of us were disappointed with the strap length of the large Gem, this realization was a game changer for me. As the large Gem is such a stunning statement piece, I now felt comfortable buying both colors as I'd be able to wear it on the shoulder or casually crossbody (as I've been wearing them).
    For the aubergine large gem, I use the strap from my aubergine fringe Cross3.:cool:

    So, it all works out well. Perhaps that's the designer's intent when building your collection?

    In any these items, and through my persistent stalking, I was able to get all my quilteds....with the exception of the aubergine large 60% off! The aubergine large Gem is harder to find even at regular price, but I was fortunate to finally score mine during the Harrods sale for about 40% no complaints.:biggrin:
  2. Thank you @highend for sharing all your thoughts and pics!!! So much gorgeousness :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: I saw this collection in store recently as well and I can definitely vouch that the quality is beautiful and the leather soooo soft and souple well :tup: I'm a big fan of CWK's work now.
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  3. I haven’t been a Givenchy fan in the past, but I really like this new collection. I scooped the GV3 in the store. While it has too many pockets for me, the construction and quality were stunning. Gonna have to keep scoping.
  4. Wow wow wowwwwww thank you for sharing! Teach me your ways :girlsigh::love:
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  5. Does anyone have the quilted mini bucket bags? I’m so curious what they can fit and how they handle as a grab and go. Tia!