New aesthetic coming for spring 2018

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  1., I did manage to find many of the new collection at great prices during the recent sales. Fortunately, I was able to get a couple of the fringe Cross3s I'd been lusting over (likely most are not as obsessed with a nice fringe bag like I am :cool:)
    ...this is the dark blue color and I also purchased the aubergine version:heart::heart:.

    I also finally found the perfect items from the quilted and other GV3 collections that I'll post soon.
  2. have to say, the new bag designs from CWK are very sophisticated and elegant looking compared to their predecessors. Esp love the look of the cross 3. Can't wait to see your new goodies together.
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  3. ....resort has started to arrive in store
    Givenchy-Resort-19-cover.png 00029-givenchy-vogue-pre-fall-2018-pr.jpg givenchy-r19-01.jpg
    (this orchid color will be released in a few different styles)
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  4. Agreed about the look of the new collections. I still wear my antigonas, pandoras etc., but was maxed out with the variations I needed purchase-wise, so CWK came to Givenchy at a perfect time!

    Next up are the new sale additions to my GV3 collection
    medium .jpg
    Aubergine and mustard (although G calls it green) nano with aubergine double G belt and black medium with eyelet and ring detail.

    I actually purchased the belt before the nano....but when the nano popped up afterwards with the perfect mustard contrast, it was a no brainer.

    For the medium, I originally had the small in this combo on my wishlist (as I wasn't aware of the larger size). However, after trying and not quite liking multiple color variations of the smalls this season, I took it as a sign I should revisit the larger size. Fortunately, I happened upon this medium while browsing in store and found it to be perfect! Love the silver accents and the rock-chic vibe which elevates the color as I expected (I found the medium variations available last season a bit underwhelming), and it fits way more than the small of course.'s the growing GV3 family GV3 collection .jpg
  5. Ahhhh, lovely collection! Thank you for sharing!! I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I love all the sizes and designs, especially the nano which is so teeny and cute.
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    I'm enamored of the chain design on all the new bags. It adds such a nice accent. Can't wait to see the cross 3 collection!
    The belt is what drew my eye first from your GV3 fam pic. Would make sense that they'd make other accessories, but how refreshing to see the redesigned logo on a belt that's not Gucci or Hermes. Would love to see a mod pick of it on if possible. Does it come in diff G sized buckles?

    You have a very nicely rounded GV3 collection. The snakeskin print colorway is perfect in that size, and the grommet med with shiny silver hw is also nicely balanced between elegant and edgy, very Givenchy as I know it. Is the one next to the aubergine & mustard also leather and suede?
  7. Your collection is wonderful!! I might have to add that eyelet to my list.

    I think I need that new orchid color in my life too.

    Gah so frustrating that the nano isn’t just an inch longer to fit a phone! I often wear the mini pocket quilted but would really love a Gv3 nano, not if it won’t fit my phone though :sad:

    Yeah the belt comes in 2 sizes—the regular is 1.2” with a buckle that’s 1.5” x 2”. The slim Double G belt is 3/4” with a 1 1/2“ x 1“ buckle.

    The buckle prong is a pin-type with a ball at the end which is kind of a pain, but it’s easier to work than their bags straps that have the same hardware—I can’t clasp/unclasp those for the life of me.
    GivenchyDoubleGBelt.jpg tumblr_p3fp41Icxi1trd3zao2_1280.jpg
  8. Thanks! Glad you're finding things you love within the new collections as well.

    I also picked up a few of the quilteds that I need to post....hopefully, soon :angel:.
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  10. The quality and craftsmanship of the new bags under Clare Waight Keller are amazing. I was pleasantly suprised as yesterday was the first time I saw the designs up close.

    I’m considering getting this quilted Givenchy Gem Bag. I love that it can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, pouch or clutch. The price is higher than I thought it would be but it’s stunning.

    It’s so sleek and sophisticated. I love it! :smile:

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  11. Omg, stunning! Thank you for sharing! The purple bags bring me to LIFE! I was super skeptical at first, but with CWK's work at Chloé and now these bags, I'm becoming such a fan. I need the purple shade.
  12. Yes they’re really fabulous aren’t they?! I was shocked when I went into Givenchy, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the bags.
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    So, I know I'm way overdue for my quilted pics as I'll admit I've been too lazy to pull them all out and stage pics.:blush:

    In the meantime, I thought I'd share this faux fur strap cover that arrived today
    I've been stalking it in this color all season for a decent mardown, and surprisingly one popped up last week for 60% off at Saks! it's only been marginally marked down (if at all) at other places.

    I plan to wear it primarily with my black medium pandora (still looks good after >5 years)
    panda fue.jpg
    Also, these pics show it should work great with my black antigonas
    5a08a66a-b3ac-49d0-bb6e-895880b49c84.jpeg IMG_4593.JPG

    Hopefully, I'll be inspired to take my quilted pics this weekend...also need to update some of the others as well.
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  14. And now, for the quilteds....

    When this collection began to drop, I knew for sure I'd want a mini pocket. Given that I already have similar convertible belt bags from other designers, I told myself to get a color other than black or burgundy as I already have similar bags I love in those colors.

    So, after trying all color variations of the mini pocket available this season, what colors did I end up and burgundy (aubergine) of course :amazed:
    Ultimately, these colors just looked the best on me and are different/special enough from my other bags to justify duplicating the colors in my collection.

    The mini pocket is quite versatile as it can be worn on a belt, by hand or with its accompanying strap (however, I actually prefer the strap that came with my black cross3 for all my quilted you'll see below).
    b p f.jpg top.jpg strap .jpg
    Also, given that I now have two black G belt bags (mini pocket and nano GV3), I decided to purchase the black double G belt as well (since I loved my aubergine one so much). For those who are wondering, the G belt is very similar in size and appearance to a reversible H belt.
    I've also included a comparison pic of the mini pocket to my most similar style....Gucci marmont studded mini show that while they have some of the same characteristics, the pocket sets itself apart as its more understated, has a back pocket, and seems to more comfortably fit the same items (perhaps due to the slight differences in height).
    The mini pocket can comfortably fit a smartphone (I have a Samsung note8), small wallet, keys, mints and similar odds and ends.
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  15. Next up are the quilted GV3s.....

    I also tried almost every color in this style and eventually found these unique jewel tone ones to be the best fit.
    jewel G.jpg
    Surprisingly, I didn't like these colors when trying them in the mini pocket style....but in the small GV3, they're just perfect!