New aesthetic coming for spring 2018

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  1. Super tempted...gotta go see these in person. Love a good chain belt look! I've yet to get any of the new G bags since Claire took over, but these look amazing.
  2. LOVE your Gv3's—great score on the nano!
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  3. Stumbled across another deal a few weeks ago......
    This Cross3 for 60% off! This style wasn't really on my wishlist before, as all of the pics I'd seen previously seem to promote the bag as more of a dainty clutch that wouldn't fit much. However, I was pleased to find when I received it that the interior section expands and can comfortably fit quite a bit (even more than I have pictured)
    Something about it kinda reminds me of the Celine Trio without the annoying gaps. There's also a hidden snap front pocket so you can access certain items without unzipping the main compartment.
    Of course you have the option of removing the strap and wearing it as a chic clutch. It would also work as a waist bag. I think I'll likely get more of these; though, I also got a chestnut one that I ended up returning as the color was too orangey for me.

    Farfetch had a great sale on sale recently and many great items started appear in the last two weeks. I also recently ordered a few of the quilted items (GV3s, Gem and Mini Pocket) that went on sale, but didn't end up keeping any as I ultimately preferred my exotic GV3 to the quilted ones I tried, and I didn't end up liking the color of the Gem and Mini Pocket. However, I'm still thinking of trying the Mini Pocket in another unique color should it get reduced once more sales start.
  4. Nice! Did you find this on sale at Farfetch too?
  5. Yes! The additional 20% off has since ended....but select items continue to be added to the sale section (currently 20-60% off). Of course, their traditional seasonal sale with tons of items should also be starting looking forward to seeing what items will appear then.
  6. darn, i should have checked the givenchy section while the 20% was going on. I did get a Valentino guitar strap from them with the extra 20% off, I am using it as a crossbody strap on a valentino bag I picked up at a sample sale.
  7. Nice! I also got a few good deals on Saint Laurent (need to take some pics and post there:blush:)
  8. I saw this at my local Neiman Marcus and at Barney’s and I fell in love. Too bad it’s a tad bit small in regards to width.
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  9. Yes, this was the same size and color I ended up returning. I was fine with the size, but the color had too much red in it for my liking.

    Note, they also have a larger size (kinda portfolio size) which may be more to you liking. It's striking, but I would prefer if it had a longer strap.
  10. I haven’t seen the large in terracotta anywhere. The only large I have seen (on their website) is the black and eggplant color. I love the terracotta since I don’t have any handbags in that color. I also don’t like the fact that most of these bags don’t have a longer strap. I’m 5’7 and I can’t wear most of them crossbody which I would prefer to do at times. I wish they came up with a chain adjustment clasp or something much like what you would find on leather straps with the extra holes so that you can adjust the length that way you can carry it whichever way you prefer.
  11. Farfetch has the large in 3 colors including terracotta
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  12. YES!!! Thank you!
  13. Nope. Never mind. That shoulder strap is a joke. Lol
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  14. ...some new styles to look forward to next season
    Givenchy-Black-GV3-and-Large-Clutch-Bags-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-WhiteBlack-GV3-Flap-Bag-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-BlackYellow-Top-Handle-Bag-2-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-Teal-Top-Handle-Bag-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-Taupe-Top-Handle-Bag-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-Black-Large-Clutch-Bag-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg Givenchy-White-Belt-Bag-Spring-2019-768x1152.jpg
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  15. Love the Gem collection
    Bag.jpg Untitled(1).jpg Givenchy-Gem-Medium-Leather-Shoulder-Bag.jpg Untitled(2).jpg 41845269_1901181959918329_7447650851153090555_n.jpg