New aesthetic coming for spring 2018

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
    When I was at the G boutique space within Saks recently, I was able to view a lookbook of some of the designs being introduced by the new creative director, Clare Waight Keller. The collection will apparently hit stores in March. Not many details online, but I found these from the runway (the lookbook seemed to have a few others)
    Looks interesting, but we'll see what they look like IRL.
  2. ....apparently the new collection is called the GV3
    "With a busy woman in mind, the designer created the GV3 (after no 3 Avenue George Cinq, where Counte Hubert de Givenchy first opened his salon in 1952). Multi-pocketed and with a simple catch, the new Givenchy bag is easy to use yet elegant."
    34-givenchy-pre-fall-2018.jpg There's also a bucket version for pre-fall
    02-givenchy-pre-fall-2018.jpg 01-givenchy-pre-fall-2018.jpg
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  3. Looks like the belt bag can also be worn via the chain straps....but seems rather small
    860684070.jpg DMP0LtcWkAARGCR.jpg
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  4. I like the(kind of) return of the previous Givenchy logo, but the bags are a no for me.
  5. I'm sorry it feels like Lanvin hardwear on Givanchy bag))) will take me time to get used to such "aesthetics".
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  6. This is a brutally observant statement, and I am completely aligned.
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  7. ....looks like they're starting to arrive in certain stores

    a.jpg b.jpg 4.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
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  8. Not a fan. Agree it just looks like other designer bags already available.
  9. Agree as above, too much Celine for my liking, with a bit of coach
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  10. I have a vintage Givenchy bag with a similar hardware. However I agree that these bags look like just any other bags.
  11. Where's the slick rock n roll aesthetic...? Looks more like something my mom used to have (but not in a good way) - just not my thing...
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  12. :loveeyes:....lack of interest will hopefully translate to quick markdowns, so I won't have to wait too long to get one at a nice discount.
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  13. ....more details from L'Officiel

    Thanks to its dual chain and leather straps, the bag can be worn four different ways: on the arm, shoulder, cross-body, as evening clutch and sport the Nano as a belt.

    The GV3 comes in four sizes from nano to medium 20180204_092700.jpg 20180204_092652.jpg 20180204_092644.jpg 20180204_092635.jpg 20180204_092625.jpg 20180204_092616.jpg 20180204_092605.jpg 20180204_092557.jpg 20180204_092549.jpg 20180204_092540.jpg
  14. 20180204_092532.jpg 20180204_092524.jpg 20180204_092517.jpg 20180204_092500.jpg 20180204_092451.jpg 20180204_092442.jpg
    20180204_092426.jpg 20180204_092414.jpg 20180204_092400.jpg 20180204_092350.jpg
  15. 20180204_092339.jpg