New Ads....Lippicat

  1. Just scanned the new ad from Vogue UK shows 2 bags in the lippicat collection.
    There is another LV bag in the fashion spread (see 3rd pic) the breakdown of everything in pic says it is £8,200

    I also bought a new mag from elle showing the fall/winter collections quite a few LV pics so I'll go through it and add them soon.

    lippicat 1.jpg lippicat 2.jpg LV.jpg
  2. oooh - can't wait to see new pics. Thanks for the others.
  3. Thanks
  4. The 3rd pic is a pic of a Lady Steamer bag (US$12000.00 and is only available with 50% deposit).:love: That's another bag I'll never own.:crybaby:It does look gorgeous in the print ad! Thank you for posting those pics!
  5. that Lady Steamer is tdf

  6. :wtf: I could never but I like to look and dream :P
  7. I saw the bag in the first and second pics in Harper's Bazaar today. I thought it was a bit over the top with the mono canvas, animal print, and metallic trim. A bit too gaudy for me.
  8. There's way too much going on with that first bag. I saw the picture of it in the back of one of the magazines today.
    Also, I highly doubt anyone does, but if you subscribe to Teen Vogue (I'm not a teen but this is actually a GREAT magazine), you get this supplemental magazine with it this month and on the very last page, there's a picture of that golden headphone bag they cancelled production on.
  9. Wow, nice bags! Thank you for posting them .
  10. stunning pieces, thanks for sharing!
  11. As promised here are the other pics....
    08-08-2006 07;43;03PM.jpg 08-08-2006 08;04;39PM.jpg 08-08-2006 08;13;30PM.jpg 08-08-2006 07;59;53PM.jpg 08-08-2006 07;55;25PM.jpg 08-08-2006 07;48;15PM.jpg

  12. Now I really want to go back home and pick up my Teen Vouge!
  13. ^^ whats the last picture about??? i love it whatever it is!!!
  14. It looks like part of the Miroir line.
  15. A couple months ago, I put myself on the list for the Monogram Leopard Frame Bag without even having seen it from all angles. I saw various clips of it from the runway show, and all I cared about was that it was a leopard print (which I aboslutely ADORE! ...and that's probably why I went bonkers and got on the list without thinking about it.) Now I am having second thoughts. These bags are definitely beautiful, but a little bit over-the-top to fit in with my wardrobe.