NEW adquisition: Taupe Louboutins!!

  1. I just bought this Louboutins, anybody has them? I am sooo looking forward to receive them, I want to see the color IRL!

    However, I am not really convinced about the slingback thing, I usually prefer pumps... Do you think I will be able to use them with thights? Do you use slingbacks in winter?

    I love the shoes so much, but I doubt if these are keepers :shrugs:
  2. i love them.. i think they are perfect.
  3. i just saw the non patent simples in this color at Saks on monday. omg is it stunning. it was sold out in my size already :sad: and my regular Saks SA said his store didn't have them. i believe they looked like a very light grey to me. i was suprised they called them taupe. but if it's the same color as the ones i saw then they're stunning and will seriously go with so much! congrats! they're gorgeous in the patent and slingback style!

    oh sorry, just reread your q. i personally only really wear boots or closed back in the winter but i think these are great for every other season!
  4. I really like these. The color is a great neutral.

    I live in Florida, so I can pretty much wear any kind of shoe year round. So I'm not much help :p But I just wanted to say congratulations! They're beautiful :nuts:
  5. I say YES, yes and yes. They're gorgeous.
  6. I love the style and if they are actually light grey (instead of true taupe), I bet they will look stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you think when you get them.
  7. ^ITA! I think the Oh My Slings are super cute! Congrats. :smile:
  8. Thanks girls!!!
    They should arrive tomorrow, but I'm going away for the weekend so I'm afraid I won't be on time to see them until sunday.
    I really want to see the color IRL, I wish it's something like Etoupe color (One of my favorite colors from Hermes :rolleyes: )
    I will post pics when I get them.

    Btw, if somebody is interested, I think NAP still has some. Smaller sizes were already sold out this morning, but 37 on was still available! And at 390€ it's a great price!
  9. I like those!!
  10. I think that the style in this color is gorgeous, personally I don't wear slingbacks in winter I find it kind of weird but rather spring summer and early automne.
  11. Beautiful color, but I would hold off on wearing slingbacks in the winter!
  12. Def :heart: the color!
  13. i wear sling backs during winter too, but i have yet to do that with tights...don't see a problem with it tho.

    those are so pretty! i love the colour and the height!
  14. I love the color and style!
  15. I've been looking for CL's to match my Etoupe Lindy! I tried on the Horatio slingbacks (Barney's SF) in taupe patent. They are *almost* an exact match. Not pale. If anything, just a tiny bit cooler (more gray) than Etoupe. If these are the same color (are they patent?), you will love them. I've got other CL's higher on my list first, but will likely go back for them at some point. I don't know if the O My's fit like the Horatio's but I found them very comfortable too.