New Adios Star Camppegio Bag

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  1. Hello everyone. It's my first post in this sub-forum. I have been just reading everyone's post instead of posting. To start off I like to show you my new Camppeggio bag and my first bag I ever bought, the Spaggia Bambinone.
    They don't have tokidoki where I live. I live in Michigan.
    At first I thought the Camppeggio was too big since I never seen it in person. When I got it, it's just the perfect size for college. ^-^ I got it 25% off retail price.
    adiosfrontside.jpg adiosbackside.jpg adiosleftside.jpg adiosrightside.jpg spiaggiafront.jpg
  2. Cute bags :biggrin: I like how the front of your AS Camp has alot of the colored characters...& ahh Spiaggia Baminone...I should have got one of those instead of a bambino lol.
  3. :drool::drool::drool::drool: LATTES!! :tup: Cute bags...welcome to the wonderful world of Toki :welcome: I :heart: Adios Star!
  4. Nice Campeggio! Lately I am obsessed with Adios Star bags with lots of characters. I have a couple that I love.
  5. I'm :wacko: about the lattes!! Gaaah, do you have a pic of your adios star zucca? :graucho: I'd :heart: to see it. I love seeing the different bags with the different placements! I put that qee on b/c it adds a nice splash of color!
    Fortune Pork mini plush?? What is it?
  6. hmmm, super cute...where can you buy these? I :heart: stickers!! :graucho:
    When you take a pic of your AS Zucca, you've gotta post it!
  7. I will!

    And I think the only place that still has Fortune Pork in stock is Playlounge ( which is unfortunately in the UK. They ship overseas though. Sometimes they pop up on eBay too.
  8. K, thanks. I'll check it out! :tup:
  9. Jen - I LOVE your AS Zucca! Sandy, Lattes, and Polpettina:heart::heart::heart:

    Here is my AS Ciao that I finally received from the Seattle outlet after much trial and tribulation. I :heart: the one side with Bastardino, Polpettina, and Sandy. The other side, not so much, with Momo on it, but still I was impressed how many characters were on it considering the size of the Ciao.

    DSC02902.JPG DSC02903.JPG
  10. Congrats on your new bags! I didn't really think much abt the AS print but I just got my AS Ciao Ciao. It's a pretty neat print with cute colored characters to brighten things up.
  11. How ADORABLE is this Ciao?? I LOVES it!!!!