NEW Additions to UK site

  1. I just spotted new purses under the Spring-Summer 2006 collection on the UK site. Sorry if its already been posted. I love the Linda Scarf!


  2. :lol: Oh! Finally know the name!
  3. Niiiiiiice but not me =)
  4. I actually kind of like the sac fermoir.. but it's priced way, way out of my wallet.
  5. This collection is very beautiful but its not for me.
  6. New items now appearing on the U.S. site as well. Check out the pochette accessoires, pochette cles, pochette plate and the pochette porte monnaie. I'm loving the accessoires and cles. Lovely colors as well.
  7. Oh I'm so honored! My name is Linda....
  8. Why do they post the prices on the international site's, but not the US site?
  9. These are nice...but goodness they aren't nice on my pocket!
  10. I will have to see them in person first in order to make up my mind, but I'll tell you one thing: I don't like the price tags!!!:lol:
  11. very couture. just not for me.
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